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Case Studies

Franklin Cruze


He didn't know how to scale his business and what was holding him back. He was just using a single desk and now look where he is.


Once he understood that his hidden sabotaging trait was affecting his business and personal life, he released his blocks and 10X'd his business in 2 months.

Lisa Manzo


She wanted to know how to stop being scattered, why what she was doing wasn't working and what was stopping her from getting her first new client. She wanted to do it quickly and painlessly.


Uncovering her hidden sabotaging trait, she was able to get very clear, follow through and complete her tasks and take the proper action steps to dramatically increase her income and close new clients in a very short amount of time.

Dr. Lee Schriftman


How to scale his already successful business and greatly reduce the stresses in his professional and personal life.


Once he discovered why he, his wife and his staff were self-sabotaging themselves and the business subconsciously, very quickly his business greatly scaled even further along with their personal lives.

Are You Ready to Get Results Like Them?

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Pastor Torri






Are You Ready to Stop Self-Sabotage for Good?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this hidden sabotaging trait undermine my success on purpose?

Answer: No. It actually is protecting you because whatever that success will bring you is subconsciously more painful than not achieving it.

How can I stop self-sabotage that quickly?

Answer: Your Antidote, a one sentence solution you will learn, is the exact opposite action to the Inborn Sabotaging Trait. So, when you use it, it is impossible to sabotage your professional and personal life.

By using what you are teaching, how does it benefit me?

Answer: The Antidote causes you to know exactly what you need to do to handle any challenging situation simply and effectively.

What should I expect from using your methodology?

Answer: You will know the one thing that will always cause your blocks in life. No more guessing. No more wishing. No more feeling hopeless. No matter where you are, who you are with, when you use your Antidote and our proprietary techniques, you will have the knowledge, the passion and the inspiration to move forward and achieve your goals.

Are You Ready To Find Out More and How Quickly You Can Stop All of This?

Why Work With Us

Dr. Philip Agrios is a Business Breakthrough Specialist, international speaker and best-selling author who guides businesspeople worldwide to move from self-sabotage to a self-made success by uncovering an inborn trait that stops their success.

Tragic events that affected his personal and professional life sparked him on a quest to understand human behavior to its core.

While working with thousands of people for over 30 years, he was able to discover a revolutionary way to avoid self-sabotage and win big.

Learn The Secrets to Massive Success Now

If you are still wondering whether to click on the button or not, it's because your hidden sabotaging trait stopping you.

It's actually protecting you because if you do, you think something will happen to you, whether you will fail or succeed.

Give us 30-Minutes to show you why you do this in your professional and personal life and how you are losing out on so much!

So, are you ready to just have a friendly conversation?

Dr. Philip Agrios

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